Özel Tailor

Every individual has their own uniqueness and style so why the clothing be standardized? Come on be your own STYLIST...!

Özel Tailor keeps the above statement in mind and comes up with an exclusive idea of providing custom made jeans to discerning individuals.

On Özel Tailor online shop you will get your custom made and pre-washed jeans made exclusively for you and delivered to your doorstep! We make your jeans to fit your desires, your measurements and your special requirements.

With quality, service and creativity, Özel Tailor offers the consumer fashion forward designs with their individual touch. Day after day of shopping, drifting lonely shopping isles and rummaging through store racks realizing once you found your fit / size, (tried it on several times), its not in the fabric, style or look you wanted.

Who wouldn't question why someone hasn't come up with a better solution? Özel Tailor has and it is about time, no more buying high priced pre-made designer jeans that just don't fit quite right. Our mission is just that, to provide the consumer with a cutting edge designer look with the opportunity to individualize it at the same time. We strive to fit the individual and their life. We cater jeans for kids, boys, girls, Men, Women etc from short to tall, big and small, every shapely size in between, in fact we recommend this to every individual, who is not satisfied with their jeans and denim looks.

If you have any of these problems with your jeans we will help you and solve all your clothing problems.

" Tired of wasting my time looking for jeans that actually fit! " Try on 20 pair of jeans to find one that 'nearly' fits me well! " Have a favorite pair of jeans and can't find another like them! " Have a hard time finding jeans long or short enough in the legs! " Can't find jeans in shops that fit me in the styling and colors I like! " Not everything is of my choice! " Have a hard time finding jeans small or large enough in the waist! " Feel better and more confident when wearing good fitting clothing! " I can pay more but need a jean, which is made exclusively for me!

If you answer yes to any or more of those questions then you arrived at a RIGHT place. Here at OzelTailor.com we can help you in finding affordable made to measure custom jean that actually fit you and made for you!