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Woven unit is equipped with 8 production lines with approximately 500 strong work force are putting their combined effort in achieving their goal.

All the lines are balanced with auto trimmers and sophisticated machine to switch production between complicated tops and bottoms like trouser, jeans, cargoes, skirts, shirts, jackets, ladies dresses etc. Cutting capability brings great efficiency in cutting. Z2 Jeans Co. produces 80% bottoms and 20% tops.

Fabric wise 60% Denim and 40% non-Denim. All the lines are maintained by 2.5 AQL system. The washing facility is capable of producing almost every best and new technique washes on garments.

A premium facility with state of the art laundry equipped with the latest machines and can be compared to any of top laundries of the world. It can easily handles 3D flexible hanger machine, auto vacuum crinkle, PP spray, and many more.

Product Range / Woven Clothing
Jeans, Pants, Cargo, Twill trousers, Chinos, Shorts, Slacks and Jog Pants Shirts, Jackets, Skirts, Blouses, Dresses, Winter and Rain Clothing Uniforms, Fire Resistant Coveralls, Overalls, Boiler Suits, Working Jackets, Trousers, Shorts Kitchen ware Manufacturer: Chef Coats, Waiter Coats, Aprons, Chef Caps Hospital wear: Doctors Coat, Nurses Uniform, Patient Gown, Patient Shirt and Pajamas, Operation Theater Kit

Country of Exports: United States of America, Europe and UAE,